June 03, 2010

Conversations, #11

Still struggling to cope with the absence of my computer that's being repaired. Under warranty, luckily, but it's taking frustratingly forever. Behind on work and a whole lot else, I'm cadging time on another machine to do a little catching up. (Never enough, as always).

One item: my ongoing conversation with Beena Sarwar in Pakistan. The 11th installment went on air a while ago, and here it is: There is more than one truth.

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1 comment:

Jai_C said...

The rest can wait but need to get this one off:

"...Third, you hang him, we'll hang Sarabjit Singh..."

While I am not absolutely sure of the case against him and never had the details... for this post let me assume he had due process.

Please, please DO HANG Sarabjit Singh.

Why is the loss of civilian life in Pakistan in a bomb blast supposed to matter less to us here?

what is the underlying presumption: that we root for Sarabjit because he is Indian? that killers can be exchanged like some primitive barter system?