June 13, 2010

Bird on treadmill with bag

A few gleanings from recent issues of my morning newspaper, offered with titular comment.


Try the cop outside, maybe?

From an agony aunt column in HT Cafe, May 31 2010:

I'm 18 and my girlfriend is of the same age. We don't meet because she is under house arrest … Please help.


What if I look like a bag?

You should "take your body type into account when buying a bag", according to a feature in HT Cafe (June 13 2010) that comes complete with pix of svelte ladies like Deepika Padukone and Shilpa Shetty. The excellent advice should definitely help you choose between small, medium, big and oversized bags. Excerpts:

If you are Petite: "Rounded handbags in small and medium sizes … A small person can even carry a big tote."

If you are Curvaceous: "Small and big totes and even the oversized ones look just fine … [You] should try a medium-sized handbag."

If you are Tall and slim: "All shapes look great".

If you are Plump: "[You] should carry oversized bags … Go for the petite bags."


Unless they come from Bihar and UP

From a news item about activities planned for Raj Thackeray's birthday, one of which is a tree plantation drive (Hindustan Times, June 12 2010):

"Birds are migrating from the city due to depleting green cover and we want them to come back," said Manoj Chavan, president, MNS labour wing.


Your little Ankita is 2 and you haven't put her on a treadmill yet?

From "Surface Matter", a feature about running (Hindustan Times, June 12 2010):

For most people, the treadmill is their first initiation into running.


Pareshaan said...

For most people the treadmill....hahahahaha!
Who are these people?
I remember how it was a mixed pack of ill-tempered and fully - pedigreed Pitt Bulls and Rottweilers that first compelled me to run.
Oh! How I do miss the good old days.

Sumedha said...

I like the bits you've told us about. Newspapers can be very entertaining, no? :) Thankfully, my "initiation into running" was not a treadmill. But I will be sure to carry an over-sized bag.