June 10, 2010

SS Tinaikar

The former municipal commissioner of this city, SS Tinaikar, died on May 22. (I was travelling at the time, and missed reading the news). He was a good friend of my father, JB D'Souza, also a former municipal commissioner. I got to know and like him too, besides hearing his gravelly voice on the telephone often. He was a fearless man, of absolute integrity; and as men like that in public service tend to do, he stepped on some loud political toes. To me, that itself spoke of the man he was.

You were a great credit to this city, Mr Tinaikar. Too bad they don't make them like you any more.


km said...


I remember reading about his clashes with the Bombay establishment back in the late 80s.

//Many Indian rock music fans will recognize the last name. His son played for Rock Machine/Indus Creed.

DnyaneshT said...

Thank you for the kind sentiments Dilip. JB (as he used to call your dad) and he were very close, their friendship and mutual admiration going back decades, from the time they were in the civil service to the post retirement days. Both men, having impeccable integrity and strong moral character that shaped their values in public administration and which I guess resulted in the natural affinity the two had for one another . No, they don't come like that anymore.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Dnyanesh, thank you. Yes, there was a great deal of mutual liking and respect, and I always enjoyed chatting with your father. My thoughts are with you and the family; we want to come visit sometime soon. Would you leave an email address here so I can get in touch?

km, that's Mahesh you're talking of, Dnyanesh's elder brother (the second, if I'm getting it right?).

Anonymous said...

Sure Dilip, you can most certainly visit anytime. Let me know if you need the phone #.

I live in Philadelphia - I actually last talked to Mr D'Souza Sr. in 2007 when I was visiting my parents and he happened to call; he talked about his time in Pittsburgh and we had a good conversation about Pennsylvania and life in the US.

Mahesh is #3 :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us about the great man. His courage was the one we used admire, while reading about him those days.

Hope many younger people would take inspiration from his life and othera who were unsung heroes.


vpamarjyoti said...

i have lost a brother. When the whole world thought i was wrong, he stood by me. my sincerest regards to the Tinaikar family.
Peculiar thing is that Dilip, i happen to be a friend of Neela and Baine from Grants days.
Do give them my love
If there is anyway i can help - for the Tinaikar family -my id is vpamarjyoti@yahoo.com.au
love amar

Anonymous said...

dear dnyanesh and dilip
i lost a brother. when the whole world thought i was wrong, he was one man who stood by me. if there is any way i can be of help to the Tinaikar family do get in touch. On vpamarjyoti@yahoo.com.au
Dilip by the way i also happen to be a friend of Neela and Bain from Grants. Do give them my love
Pranaam to all the Tinaikar family

amar said...

my love and regards to the Tinaikar family
Dilip love to Neela and Baine