July 07, 2010

Two photographs, and a third

When I saw the picture, I made a mental note to go dig up the earlier one. I should have done it right away -- as often happens, I got distracted and never got around to it.

So I was glad to find, some days ago, that Rahul S had the same purpose in mind and did the digging. Take a look at his Spot the difference.

After you take a look, consider this detail that's mentioned in Rahul's comments: the young man in the first photograph here, described in that report as a "suspected Maoist", is a "mute and mentally challenged youth".

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aditya said...

In a culturally diverse democracy as ours, it is all the more important that everyone should be collectively able to reap the fruits of nation's development. That has not happened. The Maoists and the people who believe in their cause are those who have been failed by India.

I do not think that the Indian administration has learnt anything from this. Instead, we call the army.