August 26, 2010

Car, attitude

A week in Leh with very limited access to the Web, and for some reason, all three times I did get access, reaching was like watching grass grow. I did manage one post (see below), but had to postpone doing any more about Leh till my return. We'll see what I manage now.

In the meantime, published the second episode in a column I am doing there. Please check Bigger the car, bigger the attitude.

Comments welcome. Money too.


wise donkey said...

i didn't get the 1000 numberplate. is there more to it? some pun or abbreviation?

if we expect the car to wear the attitude, doesn't it mean the owner is insecure about his/her attitude and hopes the car would compensate for it? And by that logic, one should be ashamed to drive a car which has "attitude"..

or is there a model like the Gandhian mont blanc. It doesn't have fancy wipers , in fact its bare minimum because the owner doesn't need these because they have tons of attitude. and of course it costs tons more?

Rahul Siddharthan said...

This was America, where they normally spell it 'liter' (and 'meter' and 'ardor' and 'whiskey' and 'famos' ... ok, maybe not that last)

Nitpick: "whiskey" is the usual Irish spelling, and the Irish probably had the stuff longer.