August 11, 2010

The Great Roadrunner Contest

Here's your chance to win a signed copy of my Roadrunner: An Indian Quest in America (HarperCollins India, 2009)! I mean, this is the book about which Pramod Nayar, writing in DNA, said this: "Indian travel writing, never a large or a particularly vibrant genre, comes of age in Dilip D’Souza’s Roadrunner."

You know, you've got to read it. Own it. I'm telling you.

So: Every couple of days at 9am IST, I will ask a question (or some such) via a tweet on my twitter page @DeathEndsFun as well as on @kweezzz. When do I start? Watch for a tweet to announce that.

The questions may or may not have something to do with what's in the book, or its subject, but I will do my best to ask ones that can be answered without necessarily reading the book.

I will ask the question thus: it will be in this post on my blog, linked to via tweets on both @DeathEndsFun and @kweezzz. I will do it this way simply so I need not be constrained by the 140 character tweet limit in asking the question.

After I ask the question, I will wait 15 minutes. The first correct tweeted answer I get after that time (i.e. after the timestamp on the tweet that asks the question) wins a signed copy (it will be sent to you) of my "Roadrunner: An Indian Quest in America". You must put my twitter handle @DeathEndsFun and the hash tag #DEFRR in your tweet. If the answer turns out to be too long for a tweet, I will give you an email address to send it to; the first answer there after that same time interval wins.

"Signed" means signed by me, in case you're wondering. Though you are welcome to sign it too, if you win it.

There are six more copies to be won (I've run this contest four times on my own Twitter page before I stumbled on @kweezzz) -- so there will be six episodes in this particular suspense serial. Hope you have fun, and good luck!

Questions? Leave a comment or a tweet.

Fine print follows.

Note 1: Unfortunately, we cannot send copies outside India. So if you are outside India and you participate and you win, you will have to give me an Indian address to send the copy to. (Though if you can't do that, let's talk, it's possible there might be a workaround. But win it first).

Note 3: There was no note 2.

Note 5: Pointless acronym explained: TLA = Three Letter Acronym.

Note 6: See note 3. And there was no note 4 too, in case you didn't notice.

Note 8.37: The End.

Have fun! That's an order.


Gautam Patel said...

Chief. Don't do this. At this rate, the UNSIGNED copies will become collector's items ... :-)

Jo said...

Looks like you were in a good mood when you wrote this post. :-)

Jai_C said...

I admit to a certain amazement that you are sending out all these contest tweets ...

But you do seem to be having fun :-)