August 10, 2010

Out of disaster, hope

Amid all the tragic news about floods across Pakistan, Ladakh and China, here's one kind of silver lining: Leh disaster unites India and Pakistan.

All right, so it took a tragedy. Can we hope, through the flood, that both countries will build on this?


Annoyed non-consumer of Media said...

This is the sort of shallow predictable journalistic shortcutting nonsense that annoys most readers.

The problem India has with Pakistan is not about Ladakh or in acknowledging the existence of each other (such as in Israel/ Palestine). It's about Kashmir and terror. This has nothing to do with either and therefore there is no silver or a line. None was meant to be. It's what happens normally the world over.

To trump this as anything worth a note in the larger context of India-Pakistan relationship is representative of the idiot society that news media is building.

wise donkey said...

this might seem childish, but long back after a minor earthquake, the usually quarelling neighbours , looked out of their windows, in their morning and shared their relief.

but this is short term, can't imagine floods or disasters being a solution to problems.

but perceptions change, maybe not drastically but in a minor way.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with "Annoyed.." that the "twist" or "spin" of the story is exagerrated. However, dear "Annoyed.." the sentiment is a good one and must be lauded. So what if it happens normally the world over, with India and Pakistan it is an exception. Don't be such a wet blanket ( no pun intended ).

Dilip D'Souza said...

It always amazes me that even tiny signs of good things between India and Pakistan are immediately shot down. Thus it is that we keep the hostility alive and kicking.

Anonymous said...

who is "most readers"? what is "shortcutting nonsense" about this report? are you saying the indian soldiers did not go missing? or the indian authorities did not ask pak military for help? or the pak military did not help when asked? i.e. are you saying the report is false?

if not, i have not understood your objection. something those soldiers did that is different from usual shelling and etc. what is your objection? you dont want it to happen? you dont want our missing soldiers rescued?? why?

Annoyed non-consumer of Media said...

Anonymous, you caught me there, didn't you. I mostly mean myself when I say most readers. But given I assume I am the mean, median and mode of the readership -- that most has statistical significance within that deluded framework.

But yes, your point on who most is, is well taken. I am most ashamed I resorted to it.