September 01, 2010

Herbs of the herbivores

Long-in-the-tooth watchers of this blog will know that I have been a fan of Chate coaching classes, or their ads at any rate, for as long as your teeth. So it was with great interest and fascination that I found that they have expanded their offerings from mere coaching classes, as evidenced by an ad in the Indian Express a couple of weeks ago. Here is the meat of it, absolutely I swear verbatim.

To Whom are you Imitating?

The world famous insect expert Fabrey have studied the behaviour of an insect in a very subtle manner. In one of his experiment he had registered the behaviour of a herbivorous insect. He had arranged the herbs of this insects in the middle part of the circle. Rhythmically all the insects started revolving around the circle. From all these insects Fabrey's expectation was that, atleast one insect should cross his way towards the herbs. But this wouldn't happen. Each and every insect tried to imitate his following insect. The insects did not break their line after waiting for several hours. At the end all the insects were dead.

Each and every person starts thinking about this experiment of Fabrey. While thinking about career each & every person tries to imitate the other person which proves to be injustice on this. Try to avoid imitating while selecting your career. Select the stream which gives complete justice to your intelligence as well as capability. Instead of imitating some other person try to get guidelines through a guide which are extremely valuables.

Have a glance that, Maharashtra is blessed with 720km. linear oceanic (marine) bank. A world wide standardized part "Mumbai" is also in Maharashtra. There are such types of career opportunities available in marine transportation which will make your dazzling capability well known. But the youngsters of Maharashtra are neglecting towards the marine transportation stream like the insects of the story who are imitating each other crazily. This is the reason 'Chate International Academy' had associated with Bharat Sevak Samaj a national development organization & started a diploma in International Marine Transport Management. By completing this course you can make your career shine in the shipping stream

As always, I have some takeaways from this.

* It's a good idea to arrange the herbs of herbivorous insects in a circle.

* Because Maharashtra has 720km of linear insects.

* But they will end up dead.

* Therefore, you should get a diploma.

* But watch out for the subtle Fabrey, world-famous for his imitations.

(A previous time I had takeaways from a Chate ad is here).


Suresh said...

You say:

It's a good idea to arrange the herbs of herbivorous insects in a circle.

No. Professor (of what?) Chate says:

He had arranged the herbs of this insects in the middle part of the circle.

Missed that, didn't you?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Suresh, my mistake. It's vital to be clear on where you arrange the herbs of herbivorous insects.

Also, I would like to know more about other world wide standardized parts of Maharashtra like "Nashik", "Nagpur", "Akola" and "Dahivadi".

By the way, as far as I can tell Prof Chate meant Jean Henri Fabre, who once arranged caterpillars in a circle and they crawled in that circle for a week.

Suresh said...

Thanks, Dilip. I confess I tried locating the reference using the standardized spelling of Professor Chate which of course lead nowhere...So the insects are the Processionary Caterpillar: very interesting.

Incidentally, it strikes me that the good professor's writing is an almost literal translation from Hindi/Marathi. Does it strike you the same way?

Boskoe said...

I think it is a literal translation of the Marathi text. Pity, Prof Chate did not proof-read the translation before publishing it - This is ironic considering that (most probably) he must be telling his students to spend the last 5 mins of the exam to re-check their answers!

This reminds me of a sign posted on the lawns of a residential building in Shanghai a few months ago. The sign said 'Keep your circumstances clean!'