September 17, 2010

Smoke, flotsam, not lepto

Some corrections/followups to previous posts here.

* Some weeks after the events in Where there's smoke, the building concerned held a general body meeting. They passed a resolution condemning the 77 year-old for objecting to the smoke coming into her flat.

* Flotsam and Jetsam got me not a single response from the good folks at Crest, despite trying various ways to reach them. Not Kartikeya Tripathi, not his editors, nobody. I will assume that they believe all's well.

* In Sickness at Altitude, the 10 year-old boy did not die of leptospirosis, as the family first believed. The death certificate lists the cause of death as "Pulmonary haemorrhage in a suspected case of Dengue Haemorrhagic fever".

It was three days between the onset of the fever and death, three hours (!) between the onset of haemorrhaging and his death. The suddenness of it all.


Sumedha said...

Religion always seems like an un-approachable subject. you can't object to pujas, you can't object to loud bhajans from the nearby temple, you can't object to a religious procession blocking the road. It's getting ridiculous! I will not tell you to stop your religious activities, but you need to not force their effects on me.

Why didn't the building condemn the puja-party for inconveniencing so many other residents? Are we just afraid of objecting to a religious activity?

Suresh said...

You had previously posted about Chongkham Sanjit's cold-blooded murder by the Manipur police. Regarding that, Tehelka has an update which you might want to add to your own list of updates.

It is nightmarish, the number of people in our country like Chongkham Sanjit who are soon forgotten except by their family and loved ones.

It is not that we are not aware of or don't care. Shaji Karun's 1989 movie Piravi documents the tragedy that often accompanies the family of such people. The tragedy is that nothing seems to change in our country, at least in this respect.

We can, of course, always find excuses for this failure --- there are plenty of those and I am sure the usual suspects will soon post them. But at the end of it all, once is left only with anger and a sense of inadequacy.