October 26, 2010

Roadrunner: SPAN

In the September/October 2010 issue of SPAN, the magazine that the American Embassy in India has published for half a century, Laurinda Keys Long has a feature about my Roadrunner. To her, the book "shows that the intelligent, open-eyed and open-eared traveler gains even greater understanding of his home country and people as he journeys abroad."

She also writes that I have: "the ability to observe detail and describe it in an original way, to make connections and comparisons intelligibly, to write wittily, and within a few pages engage the reader in the life and story of a character. That is because D'Souza is brave enough to not only backpack alone in Africa for three months but to roll into a string of campgrounds, roadside cafes and small towns across America and strike up a conversation with ... well, just anyone. It's the trait of a true journalist, though D'Souza's background is in computer science."

She's far too kind, but thank you nevertheless Ms Long! You can read all she says here: A Roadrunner's US Odyssey.

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