November 15, 2010

Another nugget

This news item left me baffled. It quotes someone I have met, corresponded with and think of as a friend, the RSS ideologue and now BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay. In the wake of the melodrama over KS Sudarshan's pronouncements about Sonia Gandhi, Vijay says this: "We are giving a stern warning to Congress that if it continues with its violence and anarchy inspite of all clarifications by BJP and the RSS ... we will launch a nation-wide agitation to expose Congress on 2G Spectrum, Adarsh scam and CWG issues."

What's an outsider like me to make of this "you-scratch-me-I'll-scratch-you" pronouncement?

I mean, does exposing the misdeeds of people involved in these scandals really depend on what the Congress does or does not do in an unrelated matter? Surely there should be a "nation-wide agitation" on the 2G, Adarsh and CWG issues anyway? Is Vijay really suggesting that his party will only raise those corruption issues if the violence "continues"? What if he judges that the violence has stopped, will he then not launch his nation-wide agitation?

As ever, it's nuggets like these (and others) that help me form my own opinions about some things. They're not always particularly high, those opinions.

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Jai_C said...

Pls excuse off-topic comment. This post is the closest to topic I could find.

Pls read the Open Magazine site. They have some exposes up there against A-listers in the Indian media.

I'd really like to know your take on this. Some of the stuff in the transcripts seem to be a regular newshound's job nosing around to get scoops, but some of it comes across as very deal-brokerish!

I seem to be in violation of your comment policy. Thanks if you dont delete this comment.


PS: I went there by accident, just to do some quality reading, I remembered them as having good in-depth articles and an almost New Yorker feel (could be wrong just read a few pieces including yrs).

the site looks weird now, almost hacked and for a while I thought it was. dangling phone cords and all. sting journalism tehelka style.

dead silence so far on any media outlet or even blogosphere AFAIK.