November 30, 2010

Roadrunner: Amazon

My book Roadrunner: An Indian Quest in America has been "available" on Amazon for some months. I use those quote marks because it was priced at a ridiculous $80. I could not figure out why they were selling it quite so cheap ... or maybe I mean expensive.

But things have changed. It is now available on Amazon for a more reasonable ~$30 (well, after $80, $30 sounds reasonable to me and it better sound reasonable to you). So if you're in the US, or in France, or on Wallis Island, go take a look here and order hundreds of copies for yourself and everyone in your acquaintance and on your assorted neighborhoods and mailing lists. (In India you can buy your hundreds using the "Buy Roadrunner" link in the column to the left of these words).

(Various country-specific Amazon sites also have the book similarly listed).


Anonymous said...

They must have targeted the college textbook audience. That may take some time, dear Harper Lee!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dcubed. I really wanted to buy your book, but after the recent shameful actions of Amazon, I'd rather get it from India. I was going to request you to put it on Kindle, but I won't be using Amazon until they revert their egregious actions.