December 27, 2010

Should alarm us all

I don't know whether to be flattered or otherwise by the comments (50+ already) the essay already has, having gone up just today. Whatever it is, it makes for interesting reading. The same point about the mention of the word "Maoist" that I made in my previous post here holds. The sometimes incoherent anger in a lot of people is something to behold.

I refer to an essay I did as a part-response to the conviction of Binayak Sen, up on here.

Your comments welcome, as always.


Anonymous said...

Dcubed - Excellent article. Thanks.


Jai_C said...

Nothing on Binayak. Sad abt the young father and his girls.

1. I have never experienced deprivation even close to what they have. so it hurts to say the following and I know this can come thru as very judgmental or callous. But I cant wrap my head around the idea that to save his girls from grown men doing dirty things, he sells them to a madam.

2. I'm probably displaying more of my limitless ignorance here but do courts need to okay even a temporary stay in a shelter? Is this a precondition from the shelter or from the courts. If from the shelter, cant this be waived?

3. Since the maoists have already hit Gyaneshwari, its probably safer to take that train rather than Gitanjali exp.


Jai_C said...

some more info here...

Apparently there is a GO requiring court orders. though its not clear how this is not applicable in CG where it is hoped they will be placed in much the same way in a shelter or hostel. maybe this varies state to state.


Mayank said...

appalled at the current status, picked details from ramani blog too. Cant we do something? Ignorance is definitely bliss.. :(

Anonymous said...

Dilip have you thought of approaching Aim For Seva
MP is v.vast, but there is one among Aim's seven centers in MP, a school for girls at Khategoun, Dewas.

Rahul Siddharthan said...

Superb article. The country is in an appalling situation. I was out of the loop for a while (though I did see the Sen verdict news).

Anonymous said...

regular updates on the girls at dr.Ramani's blog. they are at a hostel. glad this has worked out so far.

re their father dr.ramani writes
"...on the drive to the station at raigarh and on the train ride back he was silent and pensive, often trying to fight back his tears..."