March 12, 2011

Banal, inexplicable

Yesterday's Hindustan Times (March 11) carried an edit-page essay I wrote about some of what has gone into the case against Binayak Sen. It involves "Mahila Kosh" and an appeal.

You can read it here: Banal, inexplicable. Note that HT inadvertently inserted a hyphen in the URL mentioned in the essay. Remove it and it will work fine (i.e. it will take you here).

Comments welcome. Far as I'm concerned it's more than just banal and inexplicable.


Unknown said...

it is certainly not banal. it is scary and an outrage.

i don't understand how this can be. and this is how the state treats a middle class person. not taking away anything from dr sen and his plight, they are getting away with this this, against a person who has so much support (now). i shudder to think what poor people go through when dealing with the state, judiciary and the system.

Mast Qalandar said...


On an unrelated note, I found the item below. I thought the stuff about "Inigo Montoya" at the end may interest you!


Dale G. Robertson, 25, was driving
through Sunnyside, Wash., when he spotted a familiar pickup backing out of a driveway. According to police spokeswoman Charlotte Hinderlider, the two drivers had been having a long-running dispute. Police said Robertson decided to settle the dispute by ramming the unnamed 27-year-old victim's truck. Robertson then allegedly got out with a weapon -- a sword, of all things -- and started swinging at the man. Thinking fast, the victim grabbed a machete that just happened to be lying in his yard and defended himself. The victim's mother, who was still in the car, called 911, and Robertson fled in his vehicle shortly after. Police caught him and held him on assault charges. (MS/Yakima Herald, Bellingham Herald) ...The victim's mother only heard the assailant say one thing: "Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."