March 08, 2011

The Sly Company ... : a review

While I'm too distracted to blog in this space steadily, please bear with me as I point you to some of my other writing as it pops up here and there ...

Rahul Bhattacharya's first book was Pundits from Pakistan, an absorbing account of the Indian cricket team's tour of Pakistan in 2004. For his second book, he turned to fiction. It is a novel, The Sly Company of People Who Care. Tehelka asked me to read it; my review appears in the magazine here: This book is pure narcissism.


Pareshaan said...

Now I need to read this. Because except for the pitted grapes I really liked all the other ones. Especially humid elegance - the contrition being washed off bit seemed familiar, but then again again I don't think it's been paired with raw and desperate before. Was this review a covert advertisement for the book? You Sir are a sneaky bastard!

Anonymous said...

Why are you too distracted? Please also bear with me as I read your blog when it pops up here and there..

Are we not your Uber-blog now?