May 14, 2011

A few good doctors: Ink

Ink is a new magazine that will showcase long-format journalism. That's something that I find immediately attractive, because I'm always searching for ways to write at greater length, to explore a theme to greater depths, than an oped article allows.

The inaugural issue (May 2011) is out. The cover story is an essay I wrote. Its impact is immeasurably enhanced by photographs my good friend Tom Pietrasik took. This was on a trip we did together to Chhattisgarh.

It being early days still, the magazine is not yet widely available on the stands. But you can see the e-version here. The essay is called "A Few Good Doctors". Note Tom's photograph on the cover and navigate to page 24 to read it and see his other photographs.

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Pankaj said...


Thanks for sharing the link and for writing the article. It brings home the extent of underservice much more strongly than a basketful of statistics.