August 12, 2011

Lost he have

Flimsy pink sheet's been pasted on the wall next to our lift, on the ground floor. It's from the Deputy Commissioner of Police, and it's titled: "Alert Citizen Jagrut Mumbaikar". It's a list of "Precautions to be taken when suspected devices (bomb) is found". Or two lists: Dos and Don'ts.

The Don'ts are first, and it's a fairly routine list. "Do not open the package." "Do not puncture package." "Do not accept identification marks on its face value." "Do not bring suspected device in security control room or police station."

Things like that.

Until the last entry in the list, which reads like this, and I swear this is verbatim:

"Don't be a dead-hero. you can reconstruct a building or soul which house but you cannot recreate a lost he have."

I'm baffled by this point. What does it mean, well, that's one puzzle. But what happened to the man who composed the otherwise ordinary lines on this sheet, when he got to this point? Did he have a sudden and hefty swig of vodka?


Radhika Misra said...

hhahahaha! Rather strong Vodka, I'd say. Or, a faulty keyboard. My laptop's boardkey times acts up some.

Anonymous said...

Get it translate Marathi to interpret. You a language can transliterate but you cannot save soul of message he have! Don't be a english patient.