August 29, 2011

Mass graves

I'm trying to think of a country in this world where an official report announces over 2000 unidentified bodies found in mass graves, and this news occasions close to no protest. Where in fact this news occasions remarks like: "Missing person goes abroad, learns how to use gun, comes back, gets a taste of bullets while fighting with forces and dies. These are the missing person graves."

Which country? Syria? Rwanda? Libya? India?

Answer: India. Bodies found in graves in Kashmir, India.

Admittedly Anna Hazare is a huge news story, has dominated the news in the last couple of weeks. And yet I wonder: is news about Hazare really bigger than news about the massacre of thousands?

But scratch that: I'm really not even interested in an answer, in any comparison. I'm just amazed and dismayed that this does not seem to have bothered too many in this country. Are we that indifferent to what happens in Kashmir? Or that indifferent to unexplained killing? Or do we think the killing is justified, maybe it's even in some noble cause like the territorial integrity of the nation?

I don't know, it seems to me that when ordinary Indians are killed and their families torn apart, noble causes suddenly seem pretty ignoble, nauseous. What will it take for us to feel that nausea, again?

I don't know what will stop killing like this in Kashmir. But I do know that every shameful, horrific episode like this reminds me why I wrote this essay four years ago.


Chandru K said...

Many of the missing Kashmiris, including those in the graves, could be the victims of Islamist terrorists. They would have been killed for not being separatist, and hence Islamist enough. India has no reason to kill Kashmiris; the Kashmiri separatists and terrorists have every reason to kill Kashmiris and non-Kashmiris alike.

I don't need news to tell me what's important said...

I'd think more than a few 1000 people being murdered by the State, a few thousand hectares being polluted is more important.

But then I don't take umbrage that the "media" does not share my viewpoint. This entire notion of X deserves more/equal/some/any space in news is silly at best.

Chandru K said...

The Indian media and academia also do not recognize the risks and sacrifices of the Indian security personnel in Kashmir, anywhere near to the extent that the American, British, Canadian and French media do for their respective soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else. Every death of a soldier is reported in detail in the Canadian media, and the name and circumstance given. And there is coverage of the mourning by family members. Nothing like that in the Indian media, most of the time.

Mayank said...

Dilip - why should media be the soul(sole)keeper for this country. They are running a business and dish out what they feel in their own judgement important enough. I would rather question the state and the human rights organization whose charter is to highlight and stand for these issues. This would generate a lot of emotions in J&K for sure, just like lankan war did for brethren in Tamil Naidu.
Yes, I am concerned and hope people responsible are brought to justice. I do not agree with some of the other comments about how we do not worry about our soldiers, yes we should - but the soldiers are there to protect and bring law and order not to break it themselves.

Anonymous said...

Swaminathan A Aiyar's article echoing much the same concerns:


Nikhil said...

Came across this juicy piece of news

See the person who has the news of mass graves. Nice credentials for this person.

So much silence from Dilip on fai. When you were prepared to utter a pack of lies about IDRF.

Chandru K said...

And now some more 'graves', this time in Delhi. At least 11 killed, 26 injured.

This is what happens when you have horrendous pogroms against the Moslem minority, and the perpetrators are not brought to justice. The 1992-93 riots in Mumbai killed 500 Moslems and 400 Hindus. That was a massacre that put even the Nazis to shame. And India is paying for it now. Moslems killed in the proportion 5:4. Horror of horrors.
Am awaiting more self hating, self damning comments from the usual crowd.

Dilip D'Souza said...

The 1992-93 riots in Mumbai killed 500 Moslems and 400 Hindus.

The surest sign of an apologist is that he lies.

Your nearby Wikipedia tells us that the toll was "900 (575 Muslims, 275 Hindus, 45 unknown and 5 others)." (In addition, Justice Srikrishna specifies "Injured — 2,036 (1105 Muslims, 893 Hindus, and 38 others).")

These are not figures that support the world-view of the apologist. So he must distort them to "500 Moslems and 400 Hindus".

But that's the job of apologists.

I look at it this way: 900 of my fellow citizens were slaughtered in 1992-93. 11 more of my fellow citizens were slaughtered this morning. I couldn't care less what religion they were. All of them, then and today, were my fellow citizens, that's all. I want the scum who slaughtered them, then and now, caught and punished.

Chandru K said...

Yes, but who is doing the slaughtering this morning and two months ago in Mumbai? And who did it in Mumbai in 1993? The answer to the first question is that the killers are doing this over and over again, whereas the 1993 perpetrators have long stopped. 18 years ago.

Chandru K said...

It still adds up to equating the killings, or justifying them by pointing to the other. This is what the self-loathing, self damning Indians are going to do. I can almost hear "Punish rioters of 1993 to bring justice to bereaved Moslems, otherwise face possibility of more attacks such as this morning in Delhi" Sick, repulsive, self loathing Indians. No other country has this mentality. Certainly not the US, France, Japan or Germany.

Dilip D'Souza said...

the 1993 perpetrators have long stopped. 18 years ago.

The lies continue. Samjhauta Express massacre, to pick just one, happened in early 2007. Just slightly less than 18 years ago.

When you can find a way to make your case without lying, please let me know.

Dilip D'Souza said...

By the way, the Samjhauta killings left 68 dead.

I look forward to seeing how you will distort that number in your urge to lie.

Chandru K said...

Even that killing, culpability for which is not resolved, cannot be linked to the massacres of Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. Except for those who want to justify the latter. However, it does look like a small, very small, section of Hindus, are adopting the mentality of Islamists and are at least thinking of retaliation. Actually doing it, is another thing. We know for a fact that Hindus are not doing it in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. That's beyond question.

Chandru K said...

Anyway, no one seriously buys the idea that Hindus are just as guilty of terrorism as Moslems, and hence( and this is the crux) deserving of violent retaliation, including what took place today in Delhi. It's really, really reaching to say the least. People will look at ideology, motive, long term behaviour and long term goals. And they will come to the sensible conclusion that Hindus and Hinduism, and that also means its political variants, do not represent a danger to the planet, while Moslems and Islam certainly do.
There are other issues such as acceptance of diversity, democracy, secularism, pluralism, eclecticism, syncretism, and tolerance/acceptance of heresy, apostasy, atheism and agnosticism. Hindus are respected and praised for this, Moslems are rightly condemned for their murderous intolerance of these values.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Start with a lie (92-93 riots "killed 500 Moslems and 400 Hindus").

Get caught lying.

Switch to another lie ("the 1993 perpetrators have long stopped [killing] 18 years ago.")

Get caught lying again.

Switch to making a meaningless point ("Even that killing cannot be linked to the massacres of Mumbai, Pune and Delhi").

Such are the contortions and lies an apologist must resort to.

Chandru K said...

Even the 575-275 differential hardly constitutes a pogrom or a one-sided slaughter. Moslems in many places did a lot of killing and injuring as well. Moslems basically started the violence when they rioted and rampaged after the images of the mosque demolition were shown. So they bear a huge responsibility for what followed in the ensuing conflagration. It was not a pogrom a la Germany or Rwanda.

Chandru K said...

Actually it is interesting how many commentators raise the issue of old riots as in Bombay, 1992-93, to explain the latest bombings in 2011. What these people are essentially saying is that they have very, very little faith in and regard for Moslems. Because they feel that unless Hindu behaviour is absolutely perfect, in word and in action, Moslems will conduct Mumbai and Delhi bombings over and over again.

They do not issue such cautionary notes to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran or Saudi Arabia. Because they know that non-Moslems, particularly Hindus, are not going to riot, rampage and kill in those countries.

Saitan said...

Dear Indians,
There is famous saying in Indian Culture which is called as Ragya Dharma-(I think so)which you can see in Ramayana- The great king Raven taught rams-brother, when he was going to die. it has lot of rules which one king or kingdom must do in order to succeed. One of it is -It is not bad to kill one in a family if its good for the family. Its not bad to kill one entire family if it is good for the village. Its not bad to kill one entire village if it will bring good to entire country. So the killing can be justified i think. Don't forget what happened to the pundits in Kashmir. Can you justify that there is another saying-the one who took the sward will be killed with it.
I have lot of friends who is working in Kashmir they all are telling you cant even believe a child who is more than 5 years old. Anything can happen to any one there. No one you can trust. This whole thing will not happen if the locals didn't support the terrorist. So just fuck off....