September 09, 2011

Beating someone

Serious shouting and screaming from somewhere close by, an hour or two ago. Sounded like people were angry enough to kill each other. I walked over to see if there was something I could do to prevent sudden murder. It's a bungalow behind a high wall, can't see anything but the shouting is getting louder and fiercer. Then three people emerge from a gate, walking backward, gesticulating, shouting and being shouted at. A slender young woman, a young man who is probably her husband, and an older man who must be his father.

Four people. The woman is carrying a small baby.

The young man shouts in desperation at the father, a mixture of Marathi and Hindi: "Baba, start your scooter! Let's go!"

Father yells and shakes his fist at whoever is inside. Something wondering about the caste of those inside, and pronouncing his own. Young man shouts at him again, "Get on your scooter! NOW!" Father won't stop yelling.

Eventually the woman starts walking toward me, which seems to prompt the father to get on his scooter. She says as she comes closer, cradling her baby, "They are beating our bahu in there."

The father and son draw alongside on their scooters. The father shouts in my face, "They are beating my bahu! Would you be able to tolerate it? I can't! My bahu!"

The woman settles herself on the seat behind her husband and the two scooters roar off down the road, with the father still shouting.

And I'm left scratching my head. Who were they talking about?


Anonymous said...

Bahu=daughter-in-law. They were beating his son's wife in there. The young man's wife. The woman you saw wasn't the wife, it was the sister. The bahu was inside, getting beaten. By her own family. She had married against their will. All clear now? Sounds like you never saw a Bollywood film. Isn't Bollywood near your city? Step out a little sometimes! Sheesh! Oh I know. You are going to ask "But who is the child?". The answer to that is assigned as a homework problem for you.

Anonymous said...

Either call the Police or don't look.

ramani said...

never thought of this, d, did we? guess we do need to catch up on bollywood films some more.

Dilip D'Souza said...

True enough, not enough Bollywood. Sheesh is right. Also, who thought those were real!

Red said...

why did'nt you call the cops on domestic abuse ! We often turn a blind eye to domestic travesty but on contraire one should always report it.

Anonymous said...

AEC: Cops actually appreciate beating as a way to achieve ends. They could show the abusers a thing or two. Are you joking or simply naive?

Red said...

Anonymous: Joking and me. Its coz of folks who think like this that these things keep happening. I have first hand experience with domestic abuse and getting the cops involved. They arent as bad as we make them to be. We also were lucky to get my aunt's belongings and her kid out of that hell on time before they killed her or she killed herself !

You are naieve but certainely are not funny.