September 28, 2011

My presence expected

A recent bit of email has me feeling privileged and delighted. That's because it is an invitation to an upcoming conference. And it has these excellent features.

* It contains the acronyms IPR, R&D, HRM, CEO, NKC, ICT, OM and possibly a few more I missed, of which I know the full forms of just three.

* It informs me that the organizers are "happy" that they have got, as an "active partner", a company or organization or something that I have never heard of.

* It "solicits my suggestions" to make the conference a "purposeful event", even though I am hard pressed to come up with any suggestions apart from "you probably don't want me there".

* It "expects my presence" on all three days of the conference.

* It asks me to "take active part" in the conference "by paying an appropriate registration fee."

* It invites me "as a respected Technology Management professional worldwide", which I didn't know I was. In fact I suspect they don't know either that I am that respected TMpw, because the letter is addressed to "Dear Sir/Madam".


Anonymous said...

Well sex changes happen and they did not want to discourage you in case of change in your layout. Clearly they knew you are a man as of their writing. Sir/Madam not M/S. As for the registration money. Flattery will get them everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Has anybody ever tried to patiently explain to you that you're an idiot?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Yes. They were persuasive too.