September 02, 2011

postAnna, #1

So maybe this will be the first in an occasional series, post Anna.

Seen today at a traffic signal about 5pm -- 2 taxis, 3 motorbikes with 2 riders apiece, 3 private cars and a small truck. All of which paid no attention to the red light.


Anonymous said...

Stopping at a traffic light is an arbitrary law, created for our own saftey. These lights get turned off after 11 pm in many areas. Please do elaborate on how the act of not stopping at a red light is equivalent to demanding money for providing somebody with a service they are entitled to.

Dilip D'Souza said...

This post mentioned a time of 5pm, which is substantially before 11pm.

Arbitrary or not, for our own safety or otherwise, there is a law. Whether breaking it -- which is what going through the red light amounts to -- is equivalent to something else is for you to determine for yourself.