January 12, 2012

Don't cry for me Ranji-ana

I'm doing a column on my city, "City-Crity", for FirstPost.com. For my second effort, I did a pile of hard-nosed journalism: I sat through the final day of a Ranji trophy cricket match. (Our premier domestic cricket tournament, for those who don't know or have, shame on them, forgotten). It turned out to be a fascinating day in many ways.

Take a look at what resulted - Don't cry for me, Ranji-ana.

If you don't understand Hindi, some possibly loose, possibly literal, translations:

* "Jeetega bhai jeetega, Mumbai jeetega" - Mumbai's gonna win!

* "Arre Jaffer-bhai, timepass mat kar!" - Hey Bro Jaffer, don't waste time!

* "Tea break mein masala chai pi ke aa!" - Go drink some spicy tea during the break!

* "Oye paape!" - Hey you [typically Punjabi] dude!

Incidentally, I need to tell you that I was delighted that the headline for this article attracted the attention of the good folks at Cricinfo, who noted its grave-turning possibilities.

This is therefore a good time to proclaim that this title that I have - that is to say, which is mine - is mine.

(Yes, a pat on the back if you recognize something there).

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