February 24, 2012

Stop the world and let me off

What I like about astronomy is not just the beauty of the night sky, but also the clear mathematical reasoning that underlies predictions of so many cosmic phenomena. Some of that spirit is what I'm trying to get at in my latest "A Matter of Numbers" column for Mint, in the paper last Friday (in that sentence alone, an indication of how much I've neglected this blog). It discusses something we can't hope to see, but we're pretty sure exists.

No, I don't mean Lady Gaga.

Give me a shout if you recognize the novel mentioned in the last line. That way, I'll know you read the whole thing, and I'll also get a good handle on your age.

(No, you won't skip straight to the last line. Right?)

Take a look: Stop the world and let me off.

And as always, comments welcome.

1 comment:

Rohit said...

I remember that book! It had gypsies and the south of France!