February 29, 2016

The watch and the film star

The question I have is, should I blame the film star? I played tennis with him this evening. Good session, apart from two things.

One, I can't get my mind to trust my right knee enough while running, even though I feel no pain in it. Hard to explain or understand, but there it is. So I can't get my footwork right, so I can't get my shots right. So that was frustrating.

Two, I served only double-faults. I'm not proud.

Session done, I walked back to the apartment. Looked at the time and noticed that my watch had a small film of water droplets inside the glass. Which sometimes happens if I have been sweating a lot. I usually put it under a table lamp for five or ten minutes and it clears. Trouble is, no table lamp in this apartment.

I looked for alternatives. Found a lamp on the wall that would do the job, except nowhere to place the watch near enough to it. So I hit on possibly the most brilliant idea I've had in my entire life to date: let's wrap the watch around the bulb.

Which I did, and went off to have a shower.

When I emerged, there was a slight but definite burning smell. I couldn't place it, so I put it down to my hyperactive imagination.

But then I remembered. Ran over to the lamp. Strap totally melted, some of it is still stuck firmly to the bulb. Watch partially melted and badly warped -- or in a word, destroyed. Stuck forever at 732. My favourite watch too, a bright blue face with a single big "2" on it. 

Hard to comprehend just how stupid I was, doing this. But there you are. Watchless for the next couple of weeks. Brainless, always. And no, I can't blame him.


i said...

My condolences. I like stories about watches. Here is mine: http://karthikey.blogspot.com/2007/04/my-watch.html

Bill said...

We are just clever enough to be a real danger to ourselves, eh? In my 20's I once tried to reinvent how to drink out of a jug to avoid backwash. Pull the jug away BEFORE tipping head, no backwash! How clever of ME, how stupid, all of mankind since the invention of the jug.

Problem with this solution? I poured a quart of water into my sinuses, because my head was still tipped and there was nothing to stop the flow.

I am proud of my ridiculous hubris, and extreme come-uppances. At least I'm trying.