May 14, 2005

Essays and books

Some good reading for you. These are the four essays shortlisted in the 2004/05 Outlook/Picador contest.


This is a list asked me to put together, of my ten favourite books.


Sunil said...

I have the complete BBC series of "I Claudius", all of 740 minutes of serial time, and the dramatization is absolutely brilliant. Good stuff that. At least this way, I can name the Roman emperors (Agustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero :-))))))))))

Dilip D'Souza said...

Sunil, is there any way I can steal the BBC series from you? Preferably not minute-by-minute, but all at once?

Neela, those are the books I meant, both are by Robert Graves. Both are narrated by Claudius, who is Caligula's uncle. "I Claudius" is about the reign of Caligula, and ends with Caligula's murder and Claudius's ascension to the throne. "Claudius the God" takes off from there and is about the reign of Claudius.

Also, you were right in your email to me, my idiotic mistake in that list. John Krakauer has written both "Into Thin Air" (about the Mt Everest tragedy) and "Into The Wild", and while both are superb books, it is "Into the Wild" I meant, and have described, in that list. Sorry!