May 14, 2005

What? Again that?

Question: where have I just read these two sentences, written in Devanagiri?

  • Kyon ji? Dekhte nahin saamne kya hai? (Translation: "Why sir? Can't you see what's in front of you?")

  • Kya? Phir vahi? (Translation: "What? The same again?")

Title of publication, please; for extra credit, give me the page numbers.

This contest open to all except people named Tanuj.


Anurag said...

Tintin in Tibet. Page 36?

ak said...

Tintin In Tibet. I don't remember the page numbers.

zap said...

Tintin in Tibet.
Page numbers difficult to answer, but i'll leave you with another question:
For more devanagri script by Herge, which -Jo,Zette and Jocko- book does one have to look to?

Kartik said...


Valley of the Cobras perhaps?


zap said...

which was set in the fictional kingdom of "....." ??

Yes, Valley of Cobras.

Nitish said...

Gopal, IIRC.
And the Hindi was from page 11 frame 4 and page 14 frame 7.
Google is your friend! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tintin in Tibet, when Haddock visits Delhi, waiting for his flight to Kathmandu.

- Madhav