June 26, 2005

They met

Coffee (even if I forgot to pay for mine... sorry!), the angry sea, grey skies, what a fine bunch of gals and guys! What a pleasure to just shoot the (metaphorical) breeze. Thanks Andy for asking me to come (thanks for the previous you-know-what too). Great, too, to chat with Santosh, Akshay and Shubir (don't miss the para about the water-snake, and further down, what happened starting in the recess period). And the bonus: chance to savour all over again the alma mater bond with my fellow-BITSian Srini (check those photos). Srini, this is a public demand: get me on those rigs, please please!


Shobha said...

Hey, Andy told me you had come. Well, couldn't meet ya coz I came in way too late! It was good fun though!

Srini said...


It is such a honor to meet you and a pleasant surprise! Andy man deserves a crate of beer for inviting! :) And yes, the coffee was paid for, though I felt Barista must have sponsored the bloggers' meet instead of throwing us out!