October 11, 2005

Many trees

Here's what I wrote for rediff.com, about a certain Guinness record. As always, comments welcome.

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Pareshaan said...

Hi Dilip,
hope you had good trip. And met the folks back home.
The mid-day piece on trains made me think back to the many train journeys between Chennai and Delhi. The memories your article summoned were bittersweet, much like your article.
I have to thank you for introducing me to some great blogs, Ms. Uma's blog I mentioned earlier, but jesustan really takes the cake.
Something disturbing that you probably know about. The IIPM thing, I stumbled upon it through one of your links. If you haven't yet, please check this out
Some thing really ridiculous.
And yeah I decided to satrt my own blog. More of a journal. But I am having good fun with it.
I should thank you for that too.
Looking forward to reading your latest,