December 03, 2005

All Greek to me

Very sad news. My life's ambition, once expressed in public here, is to address a letter thus: "Paris, c/o Paris et Paris, Paris."

Last May, that ambition looked like it would be achievable soon, because Paris Hilton (a lady) was seeing Paris Latsis (a dude). So if they happened to have a baby, and chose to live in Paris, I could dispatch that letter right away and die happy. In fact, if Paris (the city) has a Hilton (a hotel), the address would have looked even better: "Paris, c/o Paris et Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton, Paris."

But what a difference half a year makes! Today's Hindustan Times announces "Paris to wed":
    Paris Hilton is set to marry her boyfriend Stavros Niarchos, a Greek shipping heir, in Hawaii at Christmas. ...

    Paris was previously engaged to another Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis.

Say it ain't so, Paris! You too, Paris!

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Anonymous said...

twud b better if u had called this post---"its all FRENCH to me!"...

wot say??