December 31, 2005

Lines #7

More and more, again and again, of those lines.


Look again and again, look a thousand times over,
This is a thing worth looking at, my lover,
Let there be claps, let there be claps,
Let there be claps, let there be claps.

Yes sir yes, there are likely to be more hearts here,
This place is resplendent with a hundred thousand hearts,
But what's the use of this talk?
Your gestures and your beauty and your style are without compare!
Let there be claps, let there be claps,
Let there be claps, let there be claps.


Bonatellis said...

I am intrigued with this link to John on your blogroll. U went to Wolfson, is it?

Pankaj said...

After all the heat and dust raised by the previous post let all parties take a well deserved lunch break.

Meanwhile, here comes the band onto the field...

Look, look, look at her ..
.. yet again, look at her ...
what a great looker ..
.. is my sweet heart

Tally hoooooo...
.. tally hoooo
tally hoooo

Its true dear sir ..
.. that there're hundreds of heartthrobs everywhere..
.. entiiiicin' all of us dear o dear ..
.. but no one's a patch on my luv.
Her beauty and her grace are beyond compare.

Tally hoooooo...
.. tally hoooo
tally hoooo

Hey, hey, hey..
..why do you get up an' walk away?
.. jealousy in your heart does weigh...
come sit with me my friend..
And pray that you also get a sim'lar sweetheart..

Tally hoooooo...
.. tally hoooo
tally hoooo

My heart I found ..
.. the soul of ev'ry gathe..rin' I found ..
.. the lamp lightin' my life's path I found ..
Don't ask me how don't ask me where.
It is this crazy love's newest secret my friend.

Tally hoooooo...
.. tally hoooo
tally hoooo.

(I always thought it was "Tally Ho" in the pukka sahib style).

Dilip D'Souza said...

Bonatellis, that's right! I was at Wolfson April to July 2001. But I think John's blog is outstanding.

Pankaj, whenever I post my poor translations, I say to myself: well, Pankaj is going to be here shortly to do the really good job. And sure enough, here you are! Great job.

As always, pretty much fully singable, though may I suggest this line after "Its true dear sir": ... that there are many hearththrobs right here....

Actually I always thought it was "Tally Ho" too, but the more I listen to it, the more I think it's meant to remind you of both that and simply "Tali Ho". (In fact, sometimes it almost sounds like "Dali Ho", and I don't think he meant Salvador Dali...).

Anonymous said...

Super, both you and Pankaj! Today though is Tully Ho time. Hope you get to do some of that yourself!


Bonatellis said...

so was i ... good to know the alumni are working overtime in blogosphere :)