December 02, 2005

Rubbing it in

Two friends are travelling together in a part of the country I've longed to go for years. Before they left, I thought briefly about going with them; but weary with two months of incessant travel, I decided not to. Now they've got me wishing like hell I was along for the journey. (But inspired by them, I'm making plans to go myself, soon). Worse, the scoundrels are rubbing it in by writing -- email and blogging -- about the experience intermittently from remote internet cafes.

Take a look: Rosh and Vik.

Question: if I found myself using likely the country's most southeastern Internet connection last September, are these two intrepid dudes using some of the country's most northeastern connections?

Give us more, you two. But leave some stuff for me to find on my own-some.


Kartik said...

Hmm your description of Pt. Calimere makes me want to go there pronto -

Don't know if this is of any relevance, but last week's Diary section in 'Outlook' was also about the N/E in general and travels there.

The link is:

One wishes one could travel all one wanted - but there's constraints, of course.

Vikrum said...


The man writes back himself. No doubt we will leave you something to write about.

To answer your question about India's most northeastern connection: I would have to say Edison, New Jersey. Jokes aside, I do not think this is the most northeastern connection since we are in the northwest corner of Arunachal. Perhaps Ziro or another Arunachali place would be it. Or we could go to Jersey.

This was once a regular blog but, after six said...

Awww :-)

We've often thought of you, my friend, and said out loud how nice it would have been if you were along too.

Although, with you two 'communists' for company, I'd probably have felt practically right-wing :-)

शक्ती said...

It was on a trip to Tawang that I met a young boy. He was brandishing, what looked like an AK-47 and asked us to step out of our car. His first and only question to us: India se aa rahe ho kya?

Pareshaan said...

Man their writing is really tempting. I have never been further East of Gaya, and such posts really make me regret it.