January 08, 2006

Chalk man

In Bistupur market in the town of Jamshedpur, there is a school for deprived children. It is situated inside a public toilet. Moved by the "pitiable condition" of this school -- "a school running in a public toilet," he says, "is a matter of shame for our 'civilised' society" -- yes, moved by it, a local man called Babu has decided to do his bit.

Once a week like clockwork -- "more regular than the students", says the President of the organization that runs the school -- Babu donates a box of chalks.

Just a box of chalks?

Well, consider what kind of man Babu is. First, he has no limbs. He drags himself about on a wooden roller. For a living, Babu begs in Bistupur market.

Yes, he is a beggar. But like clockwork, he donates that box of chalk. "We are indebted to him," says the President of the organization that runs the school. "Babu not only donates chalks but also encourages students to go to school. He has set an example for society." Yes, a beggar.

From this article in the Hindustan Times.


uma said...

how amazing. thx for posting this.

Anonymous said...


Smashin Pumpkins said...
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Smashin Pumpkins said...

well.. its mildly interesting. if you and i can be quirky, why cant we give beggars their quirks without being amazed and gushing lots?

Dilip D'Souza said...

SmashinP, I'm not quirky. Am I thus allowed to be amazed and gush lots?

Smashin Pumpkins said...

oh cmon... am sure you have a couple of quirks hidden away somewhere...even if it is to be gushing about stories like this one..