January 07, 2006

Two nominations

Last month, I nominated two blogs for the Indibloggies awards 2005; one for best blog, and the other for best topical blog. Unfortunately, neither made it to the jurors' shortlist that is now open for public voting.

Nevertheless, here they are and I urge you to read them. Time well spent, I assure you.

My nomination for best topical Indian blog of 2005: Annie Zaidi's Known Turf.

My nomination for best Indian blog of 2005: Vikrum Sequeira's Vislumbres.


As for the Indibloggies themselves, do consider voting for these excellent blogs:


Anonymous said...

Sorry D-Mama but I don't agree with this entire IndiBloggies thing and am going to stay away from it.

Perhaps I shall explain when we talk the next time.

Anonymous said...

But I voted for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering whether I should vote. Hmm...

The Lifetime Achiever Award seems to be the most idiotic of the lot.

Mridula said...

DDD (easy for me, we call our elder nephew DD) I was wondering if we would see speeches and tears soon like we see at the Oscars?

R. said...

nominated your blog for the Bloggies 2006. All the best :)

Anonymous said...

Hey - vote for each other please. Noone's voting for the cut-me-a-prick Tarun "the elite blogger"?