January 24, 2006

Oranges from the sky

This is a picture of oranges. Malta oranges, great favourites in the family. This is a picture of Malta oranges on the chhajja (parapet) outside our dining room window. Those are the cars in our building compound you see, four floors down. I really wanted to take this picture of oranges on our chhajja, because years from now maybe I won't remember them there, or believe how they got there.

They got there because my nearly-two year old daughter clambered onto the dining table, conveniently laden with fruit and just as conveniently close to the window, and proceeded to fling ten Malta oranges from the dining table through the window out onto the chhajja.

Yesterday, my wife went downstairs with a large cloth and our daughter. She held the cloth out while I manoeuvred the oranges through that drainpipe with a long pole. Our daughter hid between her legs, frightened of the fruit falling from the skies, no doubt unaware that she was responsible for said falling in the first place.

The dining table is no longer near the window. The Malta oranges have never tasted better. I plan to fling some out myself.


Anonymous said...

Please tell Su~:

chhajja chtory is cho chweet.


eV said...

I smell something fishy here. There are only nine oranges in the pic. I demand to know where the tenth one is.
I'm guessing someone got a bump on his head coz of that one. :)

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence. I was eating a Malta orange when I read your post. (Ok, make that a Pakistani mandarin.) :)

Anonymous said...

some one has probably built a temple around the tenth (missing) orange - as the fruit that descended straight from heaven...
do you remember thurber's aunt in 'the night the bed fell' - the one with a burglar phobia who piled up her shoes near the door - and started flinging them one by one outside.... reminded of her :)