March 14, 2006

The less touristic flaying, please

Random jottings from a 2500-km road trip.


At the (a?) Jain temple in Jaisalmer, a sign announces: "Foreigners allowed after 11 am."

What's the reasoning here? What happens in that temple before 11 am that foreigners cannot see?


A camel and jeep safari operator in Jaisalmer has a large board up showing three maps. These are the routes you can choose to take for your desert safari. They are marked "Touristic Route", "Less Touristic Route" and "Non-touristic Route", respectively.

I was tempted to wait there. For it would be interesting to interview a tourist who strolls past, catches sight of this board, scratches his or her beard for a while, and then decides: "I'd like the Less Touristic Route, please!"


I'm standing at a cannon-embellished lookout point over the city, drinking in the view. Behind me, I hear Marathi: a small group of Marathi speakers trudges up the slope, led by a guide. When they have all made it up, he begins pointing out the sights. Like this:

"You see that haveli? That was in Lamhe ... Sridevi double role! And that hotel over there, it was in Sarfarosh."

To this, a woman says: "Naseeruddin Shah."

The guide nearly barks, he seems so offended: "No! Aamir Khan!"

Though of course, both Shah and Khan were in Sarfarosh.


"Chamunda Drayclin Look here laundry work any kind cloth's Drayclin wash and press."

Sign in Jaisalmer fort.


"Obscure Arts. La-Art-O-Boutique"

Sign outside a shop in Jodhpur.


Painted on the side of a SUV: "Flaying Rani."

Yes, I've always wanted to travel by that particular train. So fast, it takes your skin off.


Two Tshirt inscriptions:

"West Owinnet Soccer Club" (roadside market, Agolai).

"Rock Voger Voger" (Reliance petrol station, Baroda).


A few truck inscriptions:

Pyaru di gaddi. Sher ke peechhe karna bekar hai.

[Pyaru's vehicle. It's futile to pursue a tiger].

A.O. gai na Rajasthan ki gori.

[I have no clue].

Speed 41 km. [Not 40 or 50, but 41.]

The Great of Pandits.

Save Rain Water. Avoid Child Labours. Sound Horn.


Anonymous said...

this happens before 11am.

Anonymous said...

Speed 41 km. [Not 40 or 50, but 41.]

Did you check properly? maybe it was 47. but is speed measured in km? :D

Madhav said...

I had spotted this sign all over the place at Jaisalmer, a few years back. Maybe they've changed it now.

'ADIS is curbal'

I'm happy they didn't misspell the second word.

Anonymous said...

What's the reasoning here? What happens in this temple ?

Ashish Gupta said...

A.O. gai na Rajasthan ki gori.
[I have no clue].

May be it means "Will you come Rajasthan's beauty?"

rahulv said...

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