March 14, 2006

Tk left behind

Outside the Battle Axe (motto "Cut Hard, Cut Deep") Officers' Mess in Jodhpur sits a sleek tank. This inscription, quoted verbatim, explains why it is there.
    This T59 tk is one of the 20 tks left behind by 22 Cav of Pak Army at Laungwala where Pak 51 Inf Bde GP attacked Coy one PL Posn of 23 Punjab on 05 Dec 1971. The attack was repulsed with hy losses in men and eqpt of Pak 51 Inf Bde Group. Maj KS Chandpuri of 23 Punjab was awarded MVC for his gallant action. This tk was captured intact and driven to Indian soil by Capt RS Khatri of 45 Cav.

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Anonymous said...

This is the first ever inscription of the first ever SMS message by the army.