March 18, 2006

Must be willing to cut boss's hair

Small print classified ad in the Austin American Statesman, circa 1990. Offered verbatim and without comment.

$6.86 hr - 40 hrs wk + overtime
2 positions available

Prepares fruits, nuts, vegetables and meats for immediate use. Prepares soup bases for 7 or more different soups, dressings for salads, herbs. Applicant must be able to prepare dishes with the ingredients available from scratch, including bases, sauces, and blending of spices. Using the above products or from scratch prepares Chinese Hot & Sour, Won Ton, Egg Drop, Cabbage, Lemon Grass, Peanut Noodle, Rice (variations), Curry & many other soups. Prepares vegetables, fruit and meat salads, desserts such as Sticky Rice, Thai Ice Cream, Sweet Corn w/ coconut and many more. Prepares Thai garlic, curry (several kinds), Tamarin, Fish Honey, Glaze and others. Carves meat, portions food. Broils, steams fish, meat, vegetables, stir fries, farnishes. Prepares appetizers such as Sa Te, Steamed Dumplings, Fish Cakes, Thai Sandwiches, Kin Chee, Won Ton, etc. Operates ovens, woks, grills, broilers, steamers, roasters, steam kettles, blenders, mixers, grinders, slicers, food processors in addition to electric & hand held utensils. Applicant must be able to do all from purchasing to preparation and presentation of dishes on the menu which consist of 19 appetizers, desserts, over 63 Thai & more than 40 Chinese entrees. Is responsible for keeping the primary work area clean and organized. Must be knowledgeable in the methodology of Thai & Chinese cookery and to prepare up to 500 Thai & Chinese dishes a day. Must be able to prepare individual servings. Must be willing to work shifts, weekends and evenings.

Apply at the Texas Employment Commission, Austin, Texas. [etc]


km said...

For $6.86/hour, I demand a chef who can sing the national anthem in reverse while juggling six ginsu knives.

Prerona said...


Anonymous said...

May be I'll apply.But hey,I do not know what sticky rice,Won ton and Kin chee are.Nor can I make an egg drop from the scratch(pun intended)....

Anonymous said...

For those who are not familiar with the convoluted (and legal) ways by which immigrants could become green-card holders in the US: this ad was certainly part of the green-card application process. The idea is to make the job description as specific as possible and to make sure that no legal resident of the country will be willing to apply for that job. Of course, if none is received by the Commision, it will be assured that the job is not taken away from a US citizen, and will allow the immigant to get a green card.