March 30, 2006

Not tired of waking up on the floor

Looking for sycophancy in politics? People like to pour scorn on the Congress for it, and rightly so. But it's rampant elsewhere too.

For example, look no further than my ancestral state, Tamil Nadu. In the past, tiny-minded politicians there have tattooed "JJ" on themselves 47 times, or dug "J" shaped pools all over the state, or rolled around a temple 48 times, or started an entire bus service called "JJ Transport Corporation", now mercifully defunct. JJ, I don't need to tell you, being "Amma", the current Chief Minister of that state.

Last year, I actually spent a morning with one such tiny mind. Had a picture of Amma in his shirt pocket, patted it every time he said the word Amma in conversation, which happened to be about every 30 seconds or so.

(And why 47 or 48? Her birthday of that serial number, silly).

The latest in this proud record? Take a look at the photograph here (Hindustan Times, March 29).

There's that dude your eyes will naturally focus on, sure. But don't miss the people in the background, especially (but not exclusively) lady in a sari and man in grey suit.

Don't they all, every last one of them, look proud to be Indian?


On a completely different note, an e-pat on the back to the first person who can tell me where I got the title for this little post.


Nitish said...

The No No song by Ringo Starr?

Anonymous said...

Yes..with elections ahead u could see more of these..
by the way did u take a look at the election manifesto of the opposition party. DMK have promised a free color TV for all women in TN..looks like hunger, poverty and education are no more the problems!!

Sunil said...

funny.....but the bird in a dark suit, standing next to the lady in a sari in front....looks suspiciously like my old school principal....Ebenezer :-)

Dilip D'Souza said...

Nitish, you get the e-pat! Well done.

jay, I did see that colour TV promise. Absurd. What's more absurd is that they are touting it for the "recreation of women" or some such. I hope some women go to DMK rallies and fling TVs at those guys.

Sunil, why do I get the feeling you've been reading "Swami and Friends"?

Sunil said...

as much as i like RK Narayan....i wasn't reading swami....haven't read it in years.

Seriously.....that guy....spitting image of (a younger version of Ebenezer...Ebbey as we used to call him...)

Anonymous said...


yes..its for "recreation and general knowledge"..who knows? they might also promise people free cable connection so that TN women can gain general knowledge by watching their family TV's megaserials.

Anonymous said...

Ebenezer was not the principal of Albert Mission school, but the scriptures teacher or history teacher - not sure between the two.

Dilip - am curious about your Tamil ancestry. Having lived in Bombay all my life and studied in a convent school, all Dsouza's and the other names you find in Bandra, I met had roots in either Goa or Mangalore. The Tamil christians had other surnames. PArdon my curiosity, but would like some light to be shed on this. IF it is personal, please excuse my post.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Nikhil, re: Tamil ancestry. It's simple. My mother is Tamil-speaking. Her father's family is from Sengottai in Tirunelveli Dist., and while I was growing up her parents and siblings all lived in Madras. I was born in Madras and went there often in my youth back in the 1920s.

My father, on the other hand, is from Bombay. Not Tamil at all. But he also has no roots in Goa and Mangalore; he is what is loosely caleld "East Indian", the community originally from Vasai and quite separate from those Goans and Mangies.

Incidentally, since you mention it: neither my parents nor I are Tamil Christian, nor even just Christian.

Anonymous said...

went there often in my youth back in the 1920s?

Anonymous said...

perfect information!enjoyed!Thank You!