May 25, 2006

He strays aroun'

A true-blue lovah of Bombay, Abodh has been puttin' up some fascinatin' tributes t'th' city of late.

Git take a look. Shet mah mouth! Especially check Mumbai names 1, Mumbai names 2 an' ah wish these were still aroun' in Bombay.

Apart fum his other talents an' his passhun fo' th' We'fare of Stray Houn'dogs -- o' acshully, on account o' of them -- Abodh is excellent compenny on walks aroun' th' city. When is we gwine next, old man?


The Dialectizer

PS: ah's not lef'ist, ah's not rightist, ah's a typist.

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Anonymous said...

dis seems t'be idempotent; f(f(x)) = f(x). Man! It kinnot improve itself.