May 04, 2006

Termed as 'hell'

Pramod Mahajan's tragic death is all over the news, as it must be elsewhere in the country. The shooting prompted this letter to Goa's venerable Navhind Times (May 4) by one Altinus D'Souza (no relation that I know of) of Moira:
    We are all aware that the nation was stunned on hearing the news of the attack on Mr Pramod Mahajan as these acts would amount to nothing but cowardice. I would like to make a mention here that family disputes in Goa are very much prevalent here, with no improvement and feuds going on for ages together, nourishing hatred among brothers and sisters and even against the parents. These are the people who are but menace to the society, who cause turmoil in the family, they have no houses but only houses, and these so-called houses dealing in such activities are termed as 'hell', while the people would say: "Oh, that is not house, but hell, to step in these would be like experiencing hell." Such type of heroes do exists, atleast one in each village. This menace should be curtailed from being spread further like cancerous growth, while there would be no hope, as things go out of control. It would be the endeavour of the right-minded people to see that the law-enforcing agency look into the matter and set the things right in the interest of the citizens at large.
You said it, Altinus! What?

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Anonymous said...

Iggjactly the sorts because of whom the letters column should be discarded!