June 01, 2006

From Moon and Saturn

What a pity. According to this ad in today's Hindustan Times, you and I were invited to something called the "Gargoti Mahotsav", held today (May 31) from 7pm to midnight. We could have checked out "Gargoti the Mineral Museum", even the Chain of Natural History Museums, and plonked ourselves at the "Exhibition cum Sale of Scare Stones".

Not just any Scare Stones. Scare Stones from Moon and Saturn.

That's what we missed.

And why did we miss it? I searched the ad top to bottom, right to left and upside down, but I could not find the venue for this singular event. Not mentioned.

So I spent the afternoon and evening showing up at various spots across this city, poking my head in and asking: "Is there a Gargoti Mahotsav happening here tonight?"

No response. Unless you count the stones that were thrown at me at one place. I ran in fright. Now I know why they are called Scare Stones.


Anonymous said...

did you stop to pick up the stones thrown at you? perhaps they were from Moon and Saturn too - and you could have set up your own Gargoti Mahotsav with it

zap said...

There was a spello in the advert.

We meant Gargoti MahotSEV. This is the most famous chaat served on the Moon during the period of Shani, and it scares even stones away, hence making one impervious to any bad luck coming ones way.

Those stones couldnt have hurt you if they tried, since you chanted Gargoti Mahotsev so many times.

The only stone that could hurt you is the solitaire your wife might ask for.