June 23, 2006

Get rid of the women

There are many reasons Annie Z is a fine journalist. Here's one more.


In The Shadows said...

I wanted to you to read this, but your Archimedes post has pushed down.. and you might have missed it.

Not that I am looking to argue with you, simply because I cannot.

Dilip, thats what is merit.

An engineer manning a power plant should not forget the laws of thermodynamics. And neither should a marine architect or a engineer working on hydraulics forget the Archimedes principle.

In critical situations, one cannot afford to forget the basic laws.

Of course, nobody is perfect. Mistakes do happen. The point here is that such basic things should not be forgotten, and such mistakes should be minimized.

This is what is merit Dilip, which you fail to understand. A doctor cannot forget the locations of the major veins and arteries connected to the heart, can he ? LIke you forgot something as simple as Archimedes principle.

I wonder what will happen if someone forgot the bernoulli principle while building an aircraft?? Or what if an engineer in a nuclear power plant maintaining pipings for steam forgets the venturi principle.

Dilip, I hope you now realize what is merit. Its not about caste, its about selection. And regardless of caste.

It needs merit sir, to do all this. It needs merit to build bridges, aircraft and computers, and fix peoples' hearts and brains. Caste does not matter here.

BTW, I am neither upper nor lower caste, but the govt has decided to put me on paper in Gen category cos I and my community dont matter in electoral politics. But good news from Indian Express. I can pay just Rs 500 and voila, I can be what I want to be.

barbarindian said...

Annie Z is a fine journalist indeed.
The truth about Annie

She compares RSS to Taliban. Guess she has never been to Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...


During Kargil war, Dilip had made it a crusade to rant against lack of (NDA) govt funding for public toilets. There were chants in certain forums and discussion groups to raise Rupees to buy some toilets and strap it on Dilip and buy him a ticket to Kargil.

What has all this to do with Dilip and his post on Archimedes you ask?

Going by Dilip-logic shouldn't we ask as to how many toilets or bath houses did Archimedes contribute to. Seems like this Archimedes spent all his time serving Kings (gold content) or loitering on streets with some math on his mind (unlike our Dilip who wanders with bun-maska on his mind).

So to turn the clock a couple centuries later and land in the year 1998 A.D. Soliders killing intellectuals on street doesn't happen but we do see 'journalists' like Dilip and his gaggle of typists-leftists who publicly scron and heap abuse on our nuclear engineers. This while ranting against Naramada mind you.

Something to think about no?

Anonymous said...


>> She compares RSS to Taliban. Guess she has never been to Afghanistan.

Why go all the way to Kabul? Hasn't she read the Bible?

Selective secularism zindabad

Ooppsss.... a hindutva war-cry, my apologies

wise donkey said...

nice read on the army and women, thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

we do see 'journalists' like Dilip and his gaggle of typists-leftists who publicly scron and heap abuse on our nuclear engineers.

All this is because Dilip's hated party was in power. So everything they did was wrong and had to be condemned.
Look at how he has become a cheerleader for everything the new dispensation is doing be it communal or casteist. See how he praised the govt for asking for a Muslim census in the armed forces. Imagine if the NDA had done that. But for all these people it is ok if Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and others have nuclear ambitions.
Note - All these noteworthies ask for better friendship with Pakistan which has followed a clandestine nuclear program.