June 29, 2006

Lines #15

(I've moved this post up in the hope that Pankaj will notice it once again...)

One more creaking stop ... maybe not so creaking. Bonus (but simple) question: why does the singer sing about losing both a "him" and a "her"?


Where did I meet her? Where did I lose her? I don't remember
But life ... I saw you only in dreams.

The one I longed for, I didn't get him ...
But that was how I learned the ways of the world.


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Anonymous said...

somebody pls decode this...
Prakash...Calling Prakash...Pls come to rescue..

Btw, interesting thing noticed under 'Previous Posts'

And he squawks
No signs of gratitude
Strattened things out
Seals and cross
Said ingest, with onion
Get rid of the women
What about the sash?

Interesting ditty...:)

Dilip D'Souza said...

Neha, neha ... it's PANKAJ!

Wherefore art thou, Pankaj?

Oblique, perhaps obscure hint: maze.

And yes, that's a fine ditty you noticed. Down to the period at the end. Then again, a "?" followed by a "."

Anonymous said...

Foxed totally Dilip. Sounds a bit like the "Kahan se chale, kahan ke liye.." line from "Tum aa gaye ho noor aa gaya hai" ("Aandhi"), but the words don't really match. And the song, if I remember correctly, was picturised in a ruined building. Or was it a maze?

More hints?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Pankaj, you foxed?

"Maze" was a pretty obscure hint. I'm finding it hard to give you a hint that's not too easy, and yet is not obscure.

This is the best I can come up with just now: Where would you find a maze?

Anonymous said...

jumbaalala hun, jumbalala hun.
bur bur.
is it?

Anonymous said...

kab mili thi, kahaan mili thi, zindagi tujhako to bas khwab me dekha hamne
justuju jiski thi usko to naa paaya hamne
is bahane se magar dekh li duniya hamne..

Just wondering, if some lines are translated literally, then shouldn't it be 'by this excuse seen the world'.....
And is the Neha above Neha or somebody from Topiwala Lane?

Anonymous said...

Well here's an attempt:

The one I was always pining for ..
.... could never be ...
.. attained by me
But this pretext..
..made me wise to the world .. really.

Not to embarrass you ..
..not to disgrace myself
Tried to show my love in..
..such a manner.. really.

When did we meet and..
.. pull apart I don't know
Only in my dreams could I..
..be with you O life .. really.

What else can Adaa ..
..tell you of her state my friend
This unending journey of life..
..she'd to travel all alone .. really.

Losing him, the beloved. Losing her, life. What poetry from the city of the maze!

Dilip D'Souza said...

Pankaj, grrrreat job! Yeah, what poetry from the city of the maze (did the hint help?). I like the "really".

Incidentally, if you remember the song from the film, she's singing it to a man and a woman, both of whom she's lost (and, in a sense, found again). So that's why the "him" and "her" too. Meanings upon meanings.

Truly a gorgeous song, like the others from the same film.

Anon 1151, true, that might be the literal translation. But I like the idea of learning about the world from this great loss; almost as if it is a silver lining.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Pankaj, on another note, I just send you a long-promised picture. Please watch for it. Hey, I might post it. Let's see.