September 10, 2006


    I believe, at the end of the day, personally, my life is not about a banana.
Maria Sharapova, at a press conference after winning the US Open tennis title, September 9 2006. (See here, and don't miss the other thing she said about a banana).

For me, far and away the quote of the year.


Anonymous said...

When current political events/happenings hamper D'Souza's spinning, he turns to jokes, fun arithmatic games and quotes from Russian teenage female tennis stars full of sexual innuendoes.

Anonymous said...

your standards have fallen, D. now if she had said, "...personally, my life is not a banana", that would be the qoty.

and thanks for getting back to your blog - fun is back in life :)

dude, is this Russian teenage female tennis star full of sexual innuendoes? naughty of her