September 12, 2006


    Or you have the cafes like Barista and Cafe Coffee Day, which are just so sterile and boring.
Line from a novel written by a friend.

Offered without comment.


30in2005 said...

If it were my book I would have a deep think about that sentance mainly because I don't agree that Barista and Coffee Day are sterile or boring. If you want sterile go to Starbucks.

But its not my book so in retrospect 'No Comment'!

km said...

Starbucks is NOT sterile. It's merely Undead.

(I have no idea what Barista or Coffee Day look like...)

Anonymous said...

I believe the same too. They are just places for expensive coffee and (predominantly) pretentious crowd. I dont know the context in the book but in terms of meeting people, to have a good conversation, for political discussions, generating public opinion, and gossip the chai-kada has served us better. Like the coffee houses and cafes of the west.

BTW, welcome back. I hope the commenters wont reduce the blog to a Barista ;)

zap said...

I think that Baristas and CoffeeDays are where youngsters who can afford it go to catch up with friends, talk and have fun just like I used to frequent the cafes in hyd. Words like sterile and pretentious are povs, just like this comment

Anonymous said...

(Indian) Coffee houses, are the best :)

But then again, the teen generation may say that it's for boring people like us.

Anonymous said...

I am not very fond of either. They are noisy, expensive places with decent food. But then most coffee houses are that way now--noisy, if not expensive. The times of intense discussions (some DU coffee houses were famous for this) in coffee houses are over.

In The Shadows said...

Triple D,

CCD and Barista are places which are a bit noisier, places you would go to when you want to enjoy.

ICH and other coffee houses are places where you go when you want to have a discussion over umpteen cups of filter coffee.

Neither of them is boring. Stop making foolish assumptions, and passing judgements.

Didnt you accuse me once of passing judgements. Arent you doing the same? Havent you been doing the same all this while?

BTW, nice to see you back. I was bored on blogosphere, hadnt found a replacement. Someone who can be so entertaining, trying to sound intellectual and telling the world whats right or wrong. Someone who still lives in the cold war era, who still thinks people with money are bad.

Anonymous said...

> "passing judgements"

intheshadows, you cant read?? your shadows too much for that?

dd has written "offered without commment."

i love barista! (brrr-ista drink is my favrite). i read this post and understood that dd could also be saying, "wot a crazy thing to say about barista/ccd!"

In The Shadows said...

dd has written "offered without commment."

Its d cubed, nikhil, not a double d. Speak his name properly, you are insulting him.

Well, I offer "Nikhil sucks" without comment. Make sure you read this.. I am offering this without comment. What do you have to say ??

In The Shadows said...

i read this post and understood that dd could also be saying, "wot a crazy thing to say about barista/ccd!"

Why doesnt he ever write what he means? Instead I see him beating round the bush all over the blogosphere.

Dilip D'Souza said...

"you can't read??" ... "Nikhil sucks"... [etc]

Can you guys please take your feuds somewhere else? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Is this so difficult to understand?

. . . stated before, history-writers Islamic-Jewish-Christian Ummah (holidays Friday-Saturday-Sunday) are currently busy trying to get together to take on the sugar-sweet Cheenee Ummah (working 7 days a week) while the fine-wines Kaluah Ummah (holidays 7 days a week) wishes all of them off-a the planet-X. (We in India, of course, only have Ummah Bhartee, Tuesdays for prayers and all religious holidays observed in addition to C/L, M/L, Leave - on - Leave.) The-Leap is chronicler.

Anonymous said...

cuban coffee rocks

Anonymous said...


This nun De Sousa needs to spend sometime in Barista.

Anonymous said...

Anirudh: Take Truman's advice and spend an evening at the Indian Coffee House at the Mohan Singh Place in Connaught Place. Especially good are the mincle cutlets.

Dilip D'Souza said...


Especially good are the uncle cutlets.

I think I prefer the aunt cutlets, myself. She makes them more carefully.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I've been to India on many occasions, but this time was quick to point out the ever expansive coffee outlets!! they're cropping up like stubborn weeds...welcome to the growing captalist society of India, personally, i equally enjoy the chai walla stall in a village as much as a barrista in an urban city...It's all about ambience and YOUR mood.

if anyone has ever been to Ahemdabad, they would have heard of Seva'cafe'...a great philosophical restaurant, that brings more than just great food and coffee! You're guaranteed to have stimulating conversations, meet inspirational people, and leave on a constructive note (any money you leave goes to helping the needy!).
I would love to see more cafes'like this :)
Darsh from OZ