October 23, 2006

Pull off my shoes

Some people say I'm about to lose my sense
Howlin' like a tomcat sittin' on the fence
Callin' for my baby high and low
Searchin' for that girl, 'cause I love her so
Lookin' at the moon up in the sky
Thinkin' about that girl and I almost cry ...

Lines from what probably rates as my favourite piece of music in the whole entire wide complete world. I mean, there are several that rank up there, but if you twisted my arm and asked me to pick one, I think I'd choose this.

What are the next few lines? Any other lines? What's the song? Which truly great 1980s band did a rocking cover of it on one of their albums, and what was that album called? (It's their version that makes it my favourite).

Usual: no Google and the like.

(First in an occasional series).


Update: Due to the overwhelming number of queries I've got about this (zero), I shall now reveal the answers.

This is excerpted from "Barefoot Rock". The next few lines are:

When I get home, I'm gonna pull off my shoes
Get on the floor, dance away my blues
Ah-ha, and do the barefoot rock
Ah-ha, and do the barefoot rock
Ah-ha, do the barefoot rock
I'm gonna dance away all my blues.

(The full lyrics).

Originally written by Little Junior Parker. Covered by The Blasters in a 1981 gem of an album called "Non-Fiction" (don't miss the song "One More Dance", but they are all excellent).


Anonymous said...

(Off-Topic, sorry): Imrana

Thinkin' about that girl and I almost cry ...?

Sorry for the off-topic post. Pls consider posting on the Imrana issue.

It IS your blog and you have the right to blog abt whatever you want

But this gets portrayed as selectivity and bias; as a guy who is generally on "your side" it hurts when we discuss your posts.

Moderate M. opinion like Arif Mohd Khan have been very vocal and deserve all the help they can get.

You could perhaps bring in Roop Kunwar or Bhanwari Devi to highlight the pan-religious or non-religious aspects of gender discrimination.


Anonymous said...

This is probably not the right place for this, but I couldn't find your email address anywhere.
Just wanted to say that I am great fan of your columns (earlier on Rediff and now on mid-day.com). For the past few months the links to your columns on mid-day.com have been broken. I could not find any place to email mid-day about this.
Hopefully you can get someone to rectify that.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Thank you Anonymous 8:28. I've alerted Mid-Day who say they are looking into it.