November 20, 2006

The right angle

Found some months ago in what still is my favourite section of the Hindustan Times, the "Love Actually" column, these two ads on the same day, reproduced verbatim except for the name:

  • Hi Dear: I asked god for a rose he gave me garden, I asked god for a drop he gave me ocean, I asked god for a angel he gave me you. From: Vijay

  • Hi Dear: I asked God for a rose he gave me a garden, I asked God for a drop he gave me an ocean, I ask God for a angle he gve me you. From Vijay

    Why the same ad twice, you ask (and he didn't give you anything)? Because it isn't the same ad. Note that the second time, Vijay asked for an angle.

    Right. Clearly Vijay is doing everything he can to get God to stop giving him this mythical "you": asking for angels, asking for angles ... what next oh lord up in the sky?

    Anonymous said...

    He asked for a drop and he had god create an ocean. He saw the ocean and felt like fishing. He asked god for an angle and got dumped on him a little mermaid. Oh dear, then made another request. Now he will come back after seven days and say he felt like smoking and asked god to light it for him. Crash, Boom there was light.

    Now does he think that we will Believe him or The Book?

    Anonymous said...

    This genre of postings on dcubed (this piece, "functioning like a dagger", numerous other clips before that) has always been moderately
    funny and the following may be oversensitivity but:

    The gaze down-snoot at those less able or skilled in English has long been a mildly troubling, dissonant aspect of the DDS persona.

    If English communication defines Neo-Brahminism today this is akin to the high priests holding up lower middle caste efforts for ridicule.

    If merit, this is the fairly distinguished one unreservedly pulling down the mediocre that dare to share media space with them.

    This would appear to be at variance with the bloggers stated positions and empathy.

    A commendable shift towards self-deprecating humor is detected in the newer posts (BITS reunion etc). While still a little lame, its improving with effort.


    Anonymous said...

    dcubed, i would like to inform that we have here (immdiately above) a man completley without a sense of humour. man, can we not laugh at something silly any more?