January 01, 2007

Having symbols

Question: What vehicles "shall be deemed to be having 'VIP' symbols or officially exempted vehicles"?

Answer: Vehicles "having 'VIP' symbols". (Among others).

I swear this is true. Please look at the photo of large green highway sign in my column for India Together, Exploring the new expressways.

Please also read the column.


Abodh said...

Hey Dilip. Wish you a Happy new Year and to more straying around

b v n said...

Read it...commented too :-) from my exp with the US highways...yeah they don't provide an insight into place we are travelling thru...Interstate95 looks the same everywhere :)...the gutter prone roads are more fun.

Happy NY to you too :)

Rahul Siddharthan said...

Happy new year. I saw a somewhat similar redundant sign in Bhubaneshwar airport, about people exempted from security check, which had about 20 items including "people under SPG cover" and, separately, "Shri Robert Vadra when travelling with SPG cover". He and the Dalai Lama were the only people mentioned by name in that list.

No doubt the government lawyers will explain why the redundance is necessary.