January 01, 2007

Recommended age

Searching for a New Year's gift for that hard-to-please great-granduncle-in-law-once-removed who's 128 years young?

Well, aren't we all.

I'm here to inform you that unfortunately, your search does not end here.

For as you can tell if you scroll down to "Product Details", both "Our Recommended Age" and "Manufacturer Recommended Age" for this particular product, whatever it is, are 10 - 127 years.

Such a pity. When's some maker of products ever going to wake up to the market potential of 128-year-olds?

Then again, perhaps you can give that hard-to-please great-granduncle-in-law-once-removed a printout of the comments here. I mean, who would not shake a walking stick at these lines?

Weave a circle round her thrice,
And squeeze the teats with care,
For she on sweet grass hath fed,
And produced the Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon,
128 fl oz, of Paradise.

1 comment:

csm said...

dd - best wishes for a great year ahead.

see http://www.thedominican.net/articles/pampo.htm for an explanation of 10-127...