May 21, 2007


This delightful story (which I found via Abi) reminded me of another from a few years ago.

Young man I know, 4-5 years old at the time, thoroughly enchanted with his birthday as all kids are. For him, the year tended to revolve around the day, and he would often talk about it.

One day, he asked his mother: "What day was I born?"

Thinking this was just another conversation about the special day, she said: "On August 17th."

Little man was speechless for a few seconds. Then, in an ecstatic, incredulous tone, huge smile of wonder on his face: "On my birthday?! I was born on my birthday?"


And speaking of kids ... this legend about the young Albert Einstein:
    When Einstein was a young boy he was a late talker and naturally his parents were worried. Finally, one day at supper, he broke into speech with the words "Die Zuppe ist zu heiss." (The soup is too hot). His parents were greatly relieved, but asked him why he hadn't spoken up to that time. The answer came back: "Bisher war Alles in Ordnung." (Until now everything was in order).
(Recounted in The Mathematical Experience by Philip J Davis and Reuben Hersh).

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Anonymous said...

Another story about young Albert (from John and Mary Gribbin's Annus Mirabilis): when his mother was pregnant with his sister he was told that he would have something new to play with. When Maja was born, he apparently asked "where are the wheels?"

when do they understand that they are born at a very young age of zero?